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We love the little ones! In fact, this is where our programs got their start. We reserve our mornings to visit preschools. The great thing about booking us for preschool programs is that we come once a month. The kids get to know the "Creature Teacher" and look forward to seeing just what creature she will be bringing that month - it's always a surprise! We provide coloring sheets, information sheets and a special hand stamp of the animal presented that day. Our base price is $80 per program, but may increase depending upon your location. A minimum of 2-30 minute monthly programs is required per visit and, per insurance regulations, we can have no more than 33 students participating per program. Our target age, at preschools, is 3-5 y/o; however, we do have a special half price, half length "Tots Program" for the younger ones, if your school is interested. 


Click on Meet the Animals to see a list of all the creatures

that will eventually visit your preschool. 


Contact us at 336-253-3733 or email us at for more information!


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